5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from my Mother

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated it while fighting against the British government. Similarly, every woman silently works every day to establish a thought – “In a gentle way, you can build a family” and my mother is no different. I believe the purpose of every action we take at work is to accomplish goals or to achieve rewards in a tangible or in a non-tangible way. However, what is the motivating factor for every woman who develops a successful family or raises kids maintaining a work-life balance?
Does she work for any:

  • Title,
  • Rewards or,
  • profit

I believe each woman who is building and binding a family is a leader who has no title. These are my top five  leadership lessons I have learned from my mom.

Lesson 1:
Plan before you Execute and always do your groundwork in advance
The first memory I have of my mother is; a person full of energy, starting at early morning and making sure everyone will have healthy lunch boxes ready before 6.30 AM. Then she will prepare to catch a train, travel 2 hours and reach the office on time. Work whole day in the office to meet deadlines, come back home at 7.30 PM after traveling 2 hours. Then cook dinner for everyone, clean everything and complete a ground work for the next day. She is a full professional person in the office however at home she has treated everyone in their way. Isn’t it leaders manage their daily routine in the same way? They plan and execute things and give 10-15 min to prepare for their next day. They have structured way to get things done.

Lesson 2:
Empathy and Emotional Intelligence are inevitable skills
When she used to visit her in-laws, she understood a culture, emotional intelligence, values and relationship dynamics. She demonstrated a capability to recognize own and others emotions by showing empathy. I believe leadership is all about empathy and emotional intelligence. Great leaders channel their emotions and behavior to understand people around them and adapt the environment.

Lesson 3:
Pay the price for anything before you get it
Leadership is a pivotal part of any organization. In general, people think that if I get a particular position, I will work extra time, I will take ownership however real leaders will work extra time first to reach a higher position. They will act as a leader first without a title. Whenever I go with my mom to a restaurant, she used to tell me “This is the only place in the world where you get the good stuff first and then you pay the price. In work and life, in general, you pay the price first to get your rewards later.” She imbibed this lesson within me.

Lesson 4:
Let your actions talk louder than your words
When I looked at my mom, I learn she does not hold any title or position. However, her actions spoke louder than words. When I heard similar behavior from greatest Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, I realized my mom is truly leading our house based on her behavior and actions. During a press conference in 2006, Sachin Tendulkar said: “I will let my bat talk.” I learned another lesson based on this incident leaders walk the talk and their actions talk louder than their words.

Lesson 5:
Hope and Patience
Like any other individual, my mom faced various personal and professional challenges in her life. However, she handled every situation with a smile on her face and two words in her heart – hope and patience. Whenever I was discouraged to take the next step towards my goal in my life, she said unless you demonstrates faith and maintain patience you will not climb a mountain. No one ever become successful without hope and patience so how can you be different. She always told me this quote from Earl Nightingale “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” So prepare until you become lucky.

Dedicated to every mom who told her kids – “Do whatever you can (in a good way) to climb a mountain you set in the beginning and if you fail, do not worry. I will be there at the bottom of the mountain to hold your hand and prepare you to climb a next one.”


Reference Image: https://www.udemy.com/11-timeless-leadership-lessons/


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