A quest to a sustained motivation

‘The people who make it to the top, are the ones who’d be doing whatever it is they love, even if they weren’t being paid.’ This quote from Quincy Jones articulates a significance to find things I would like to do it even if I am not getting paid. Every time I set a goal, I focus on accomplishing it only when my back to the wall. Why I wait until last moment and find myself in the hard-pressed situation? It means I have not imbibed past lessons within me, and my goal is a want instead of need. Is there an answer to my quest of a sustained motivation?

Let me give you an example from my professional life. I joined my first full-time job in after graduating from college in 2011. My salary increase from $10/hour to $ 30/hour. It helps me to buy a new electronic gadget, a new car and spends every weekend with my friends at new vacation spots. It makes me happy only for the period of first two paychecks. Within few months I realized, there is no sense of satisfaction. I stopped caring about my electronic devices or my increase in paychecks. Company benefits, work conditions, salary, big house and luxury vehicle benefit me to live a content life. However, satisfaction from these materialistic things is temporary. Then, how should I quest a continuous motivation? I have noticed if I do not set a goal I lost myself in the flow. I feel like life without a goal is like driving in the unknown city without a GPS. You are driving, and you might know a destination. However, you do not have a right direction to get there. On the other side, I set a goal; I concur it but then what? What is next? Everything is back to square one. Every individual I met require a growth. But, the question is, do we quest an enduring motivation?

The first step to success is to understand a problem. After understanding a problem, I started my quest. I read multiple books and various articles. Eventually, I came across a book called “Drive” written by Daniel Pink. This book describes human motivation is mostly intrinsic. It explains two sides intrinsic motivation Vs. extrinsic. It highlights three factors of intrinsic motivation such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It articulates motivation driven by rewards, fear of punishment and extrinsic attributes such as money. It facilitated me to open my mind to find motivation. However, the question is what is my sustained motivation? Am I 100% clear about what I want? If I am in an unstable condition for a moment, this questions bothers me. On the other side of the spectrum, if I am in open and transparent mind, this questions energized me. There are various areas I can work every day. It will not sometimes work the way I want. However, I will be able to connect all dots. This emotion facilitates me to increase my confidence and continue my quest.

In summary, I am still searching my continual motivation. Until I find my motivation let me work on basic skill sets. Advancement motivates and inspires me to discover a better person within me. Growth creates a sense of belonging, and makes me feel satisfied. While I am on this journey, our paths might cross. You might have already found your sustained motivation, or we are in a some boat. As Helen Keller said ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’ Therefore, if we are in the same boat are you ready to take a journey to explore new avenues together while on a quest of a sustained motivation?

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