About Me

I grew up in a Mumbai a heart of India. Mumbai is the place which has a solution for all problems. My grandfather always taught me to build a solution-oriented mindset. However, software product management is a territory which needs a problem first mindset.

I believe, in the product world, product manager is a/an,

  • Leader without a title
  • Influencer
  • Visionary
  • Listener
  • Connector

It means as a PM you wear multiple hats and empower multiple lives at the same time.

I, Shreyas G. Sali, currently work in San Fransisco bay area where a product is an inevitable part of the culture. While working on various projects and products, I developed a keen interest in a product management.  This blog is a channel for me to share my thoughts to a broader audience and slowly enhance a product mindset.

Please read/share my blog, add your comments and contact me at contactme@shreyassali.com


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