Am I impatient???

  • Heating up food in microwave for 1 minutes takes forever
  • After shopping in the Walmart, check out queue takes forever
  • You hit refresh button ten times; if the Internet is slow and do not allow to load the page successfully
  • You are waiting for an expected call at 1.00 PM. At 1.01 PM are you thinking why does he take so long to call?

Whenever I face above situations, I asked million dollar question to myself “am I impatient?” However, my friends and family describe me as a patient person. If that is the case, which side of the bucket I fit into? Does that mean I have patience only for 5 min? Is that how will you describe a patient person?

Have you encountered above situations? Then which section of the argument have you fit into? Are you impatient or you consider yourself patient like me? While contemplating about this question I realized when I start working on activities I like, I do not focus on negative part. For example reading something on a phone while heating up my food or listening to a song or audiobook while waiting in a Walmart checkout queue. In this case, I do not realize how much time I am waiting for something or someone. Let’s say if you are working on activities you like, and at the same time, you are waiting for someone or something. Will you realize how much time you were waiting for someone or something? Though waiting time could be 3 min, 30 min, 3 hr, 3 days, 3 months or 3 years. Do we ever count waiting period in this case and get impatient or irritated? As Confucius (Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher) said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I will modify it a bit and say, “Find a hobby you love, and you will never have to spend an impatient moment in your life.”

Now, whenever I hit speed breaker in my daily routine, and I start getting irritated, I open a google document and start writing. Just like a couple of minutes back when I was waiting behind the wheel for my spouse to pick her up from the school; as she was taking too long to come out, I opened a Google document on my smartphone and typed this article.

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