Saying NO is not a bad thing…

As an engineering student at Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India and as a Secretary for the Computer Society of India (CSI) I was continuously part of various college events. While working on an event, one of my seniors told me, “Shreyas, you need to learn to say no to people. When someone else asks you to do any work, you should not say yes to everything which comes your way.” Fast forward twelve years, I realize as a Product Manager, it is critical to say NO but am I saying it enough?

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

I have asked myself a question 2 years back, “Is it worth to spend time and money to take a Project Management Professional (PMP) exam?” I believed every project manager and PMP certified professional has asked themselves this question at some point in time in their career. It is important to go through the process of taking a complicated PMP examination and it requires a huge deal of preparation, significant amount of time and financial investment. However, as a project manager we know cost-benefit analysis plays a significant role in project budget management; similarly, cost you will be paying to take a PMP exam will reap long-term benefits and success in your career.

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