Machine Learning/AI/Big Data Products – Whether to Ship or to Learn is the Question?

Google displays personalized search suggestions, Netflix populates recommendations for shows, and Amazon provides products you may like widget are notable examples of machine learning or big data products. These product features will not show accurate results until algorithm understand end-user pattern. Therefore, the fundamental question for machine learning/AI/Big Data product managers is whether to ship or to learn?

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Do you know your clients?

Have you ever asked – Do you know your client’s needs and understand how you can deliver that suits their requirements?

While I was growing up in Mumbai, my mom used to travel by local train to work and bring groceries while coming back home from street side vendors. Often I accompanied her to the marketplace.They know what time she comes from work and what’s her buying habits. They ask her about family, work and give her fresh vegetables & fruits without her explaining what she needs.

Isn’t this a counterintuitive approach? The result is repeated business one after another.

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Am I Managing Project Deadlines or Deadlines are Managing Me?







Every project manager’s greatest challenge is to manage project deadlines, and I am no different. Managing multiple projects is always a juggling act. Though there are project management frameworks, there is no right or wrong way to project management to perform certain tasks. Every individual has their style of managing projects. However, one thing I always found common among various project managers is, concerns to meet project schedule. When I have contemplated about my ability to manage my project deadlines, one question raised in my mind am I managing project deadlines, or deadlines are managing me?

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