Saying NO is not a bad thing…

As an engineering student at Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India and as a Secretary for the Computer Society of India (CSI) I was continuously part of various college events. While working on an event, one of my seniors told me, “Shreyas, you need to learn to say no to people. When someone else asks you to do any work, you should not say yes to everything which comes your way.” Fast forward twelve years, I realize as a Product Manager, it is critical to say NO but am I saying it enough?

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Life Lessons Learned from the Cricket World Cup 2019 Final – Madness to Reality

For more than four decades playing in the Cricket World Cup final is the dream of every international cricketer. On the other side, watching a closely fought contest in the World Cup final is the treat to every Cricket lover. On July 14, 2019, at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London; no one knew, we will be witnessing one of the all-time most significant matches in cricketing history. It has drama, anxiety, emotions, anger, hope, determination, cruelty, happiness, and sadness. As a club cricketer for 15 years in my early childhood days and as an avid cricket fan for the last 20 years, I have never watched a game like this. As one of my colleagues described if there is a movie released on this script, I would have laughed and said this could never happen. However, it happened in an epic final, 50 overs tied, super over tied and England beat New Zealand and won the 2019 World Cup based on the number of boundaries. It was a day of nerves, skills, tactics, errors, and madness. When I reflected on this game, I realize there is something I can learn from this madness and apply to reality. 

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Connect before you build and Connect before you lead

Every individual in an organization has a different motivating factor. As a product manager, we deal with engineering, professional services, support, training, documentation, and QA. Thus it is crucial to comprehend common ground to understand motivating factor among people with different attitude, behavior, values, and culture. Product manager’s job is high touchpoint job, and it touches every department in the organization. Thus, I firmly believe key to the success of this role is to connect before you build and to connect before you lead.

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