Life Lessons Learned from the Cricket World Cup 2019 Final – Madness to Reality

For more than four decades playing in the Cricket World Cup final is the dream of every international cricketer. On the other side, watching a closely fought contest in the World Cup final is the treat to every Cricket lover. On July 14, 2019, at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London; no one knew, we will be witnessing one of the all-time most significant matches in cricketing history. It has drama, anxiety, emotions, anger, hope, determination, cruelty, happiness, and sadness. As a club cricketer for 15 years in my early childhood days and as an avid cricket fan for the last 20 years, I have never watched a game like this. As one of my colleagues described if there is a movie released on this script, I would have laughed and said this could never happen. However, it happened in an epic final, 50 overs tied, super over tied and England beat New Zealand and won the 2019 World Cup based on the number of boundaries. It was a day of nerves, skills, tactics, errors, and madness. When I reflected on this game, I realize there is something I can learn from this madness and apply to reality. 

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Are You Avoiding Crucial Conversations?

Rahul 13 years old kid. He is growing up in the Mumbai. As a part of his upbringing, he always has to ask his dad if he has to go anywhere out with school friends. However, he is always afraid of his father and hesitated to talk to him if he needs anything. Even after planning and rehearsing a conversation 100 times within his mind he was not able to accumulate courage to share it with his dad.

Matt 34 years old Software Engineer, working in Houston, Texas. He is employed with the same company for last five years and now due for a promotion. He can not change his job because of his wife and kids. He is not sure how to start a conversation with his manager and tell him why he should get promotion this year. After planning and rehearsing a conversation for last three months within his mind, he was not able to accumulate courage to initiate a conversation with his manager.

All of us have walked in the shoes of either Rahul or Matt sometimes in our life. It means even after planning as well as rehearsing a conversation multiple times within our mind, we have either avoided it for an interim or decided not to talk about it at all. Sometimes we ended up carrying a conversation baggage in our mind around the clock and added unwanted stress in our life. So crucial question is how one should handle an important conversation?

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Con + Fligere (Together Strike) – Put it in a perspective

You cannot see a bright day unless you survive the night. Similarly, you cannot experience positive unless you have experienced an adverse. Conflict is the inevitable situation of human life, and we face it every day in our professional and personal life. Conflict is an undesirable situation, and No one likes it. However, if we observe another side, we will find an origin of a growth as long as we put a conflict in a right perspective. Every legacy started with a conflict because someone channelized their anger or passion in a right direction.

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