Is Amazon Going to Crush Google in his Own Game?

The next technology revolution is already happening. With the advent of Facebook, we can believe the fact that millions of people are using their services to connect with loved ones. Amazon online shopping has made the things possible for individuals in every possible corner of the earth. Google since its inception, has created a massive search engine that can help you to find something or information. However, something is lurking behind the cover.

In the consumer age, technology has leaped forward to the advanced level. Amazon, the shopping giant, has turned itself into a google search for the products for the customer. Jason 35 years old guy from San Francisco. Jason has seen Dotcom boom and Google evolution. He is very close to Google and sometimes thinks Google is part of his basic necessity. However, today when he wants to buy books, electronics or any accessories he will search it on Amazon and not on Google. When I wanted to purchase a Bluetooth device, unconsciously I checked it on Amazon. Lately, for the majority of shoppers, Amazon became a port of entry when it comes to searching a particular product. Is Amazon next Google? What do you think which game is Amazon playing?

As per a (recent study) by the BloomReach, a Personalized Discovery Platform company, more than 50% of American consumers performs a first product search on even before thinking about searching the same product using any other search engine or brand/retailer sites. Internet users are still not considering Amazon as a search engine. Amazon search is a site search. It is entirely different as compared to Google search. However, consumers still preferred to search on Amazon when it comes to a product search than on Google. For example, if I wanted to buy a book the first place I will check on If blog writer or instructor intends to provide a reference book, they usually provide a link from It means it is safe to assume that buyers or readers spend more time on Amazon for a product search as compared to Google search.  As per recent CNBC video Amazon has become a go-to spot for the online shoppers. (Most shoppers check Amazon first)

I had a chance to know about  Google Shopping – formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle. It is a service started by Google in 2002. It allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. How many consumers can even think about visiting Google Shopping when it comes to buying/searching a product. On the other hand, Amazon has a significantly large user base, and users prefer to start a product search on Amazon than any other source. Google’s primary business is a search engine, and users are opting to skip this middleman to land on directly. Ginny Marvin who writes about paid marketing topics found the recent study by the Survata and Forrester report demonstrated Amazon’s growing dominance. Via- Amazon Is the Starting Point For 44 Percent Of Consumers Searching For Products. Is Google Losing, Then?

Based on above numbers, is it safe to assume Amazon search is better than Google search? Next, if we say is on a path to become next Google, then we will need to consider holistic parameters to justify above argument. If we further analyzed Google Vs Amazon comparison, one might say, consumers, start their journey on Amazon because of Amazon reviews, a broad range of product selection and brands, free shipping, deals/pricing and customer service. We might not be able to justify above argument, however, based on above numbers and gathered data points from above sources Amazon is currently capturing Google’s search market, and it is increasing over last few years.

Now key questions are, will Amazon continue to improve their search market? Will Google comeback and regain their product search market or it will continue to go south further from where they are at today? Based on above data points it is unsafe to assume Amazon will win this battle though they are inch ahead at this moment. According to me this tug of war over product search does not have any black or white area. It is cloudy than study might demonstrate. In my opinion, the key here is to understand which game is Amazon or Google playing? And time will uncover various strategies this big technological giant will unravel. Thus, let’s relax for now and search a product on Amazon… or Google…

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