A quest to a sustained motivation

‘The people who make it to the top, are the ones who’d be doing whatever it is they love, even if they weren’t being paid.’ This quote from Quincy Jones articulates a significance to find things I would like to do it even if I am not getting paid. Every time I set a goal, I focus on accomplishing it only when my back to the wall. Why I wait until last moment and find myself in the hard-pressed situation? It means I have not imbibed past lessons within me, and my goal is a want instead of need. Is there an answer to my quest of a sustained motivation?

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Con + Fligere (Together Strike) – Put it in a perspective

You cannot see a bright day unless you survive the night. Similarly, you cannot experience positive unless you have experienced an adverse. Conflict is the inevitable situation of human life, and we face it every day in our professional and personal life. Conflict is an undesirable situation, and No one likes it. However, if we observe another side, we will find an origin of a growth as long as we put a conflict in a right perspective. Every legacy started with a conflict because someone channelized their anger or passion in a right direction.

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Am I Managing Project Deadlines or Deadlines are Managing Me?







Every project manager’s greatest challenge is to manage project deadlines, and I am no different. Managing multiple projects is always a juggling act. Though there are project management frameworks, there is no right or wrong way to project management to perform certain tasks. Every individual has their style of managing projects. However, one thing I always found common among various project managers is, concerns to meet project schedule. When I have contemplated about my ability to manage my project deadlines, one question raised in my mind am I managing project deadlines, or deadlines are managing me?

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